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Ta Ra Ta Tam

D'ale Noastre

Directed by the choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu for the Gigi Caciuleanu Romania Dance Company - Bucharest.
With the occasion of the celebration of Ion Luca Caragiale, Romania’s greatest playwright (1852-1912 ), the precursor to some extent of the theatre of the absurd of Ionesco, Gigi Caciuleanu has created a piece inspired by the work of that exceptional creative spirit. In CARGIALE’s comedies, in addition to the humour in the plot, the tricks and paradoxes in the dialogue as well as the vitriolic take on social behaviour are more than ever relevant today.
We can see in the "Ta Ra Ta Tam" both the characters from Cargiale’s theatre plays and the most emblematic ones from “Sketches and Moments” (his famous prose short stories) who whirl and mix in one single piece of choreographic theatre.
A series of tableaux in which the intended realism of the costumes contrasts with the absurd and surrealism of the dancers’ movements.
The Romanian National Theatre of Bucharest is also known as the Ion Luca Caragiale Theatre.

Directed by: Gigi Căciuleanu
Set and Costumes Designer: Corina Grămoşteanu
Music: Lucian Stan, Marius Mateşan, Dan Handrabur, Cristina Handrabur, Cristian Stanciu, Vlaicu Golcea, Micloş Micleuşanu
Choreography: Gigi Căciuleanu
Assistant Choreographer: Lelia Marcu
Lighting Design: Cristian Petru Simon
DansActors: Ioana Marchidan, Ioana Macarie, Ramona Bărbulescu, Vanda Ştefănescu, Rasmina Calbajos, Lari-Cosmin Giorgescu, Cristian Nanculescu, Ştefan Lupu, Istvan Teglaș, Arcadie Rusu, Adrian Nour, Alexandru Călin and Diana Spiridon.

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